Career of Dr Piotr Rak

I am a specialist in the field of general and oncological surgery, aesthetic medicine. I started my professional career in 1995 in the General Surgery Department of the Medical University of Grodno (Belarus) as part of the assistantship in general surgery with aspects of microsurgery and reconstructive surgery. I graduated with honors in 1997. In the years 1997 – 2003 I worked as a microsurgery at the Department of Microsurgery at the Municipal Hospital in Grodno. At that time, I specialized mainly in limb re-implantation and reconstructive surgery. In total, I made about 460 limb re-implantations. I am the author of the biomechanical method of rehabilitation of re-implanted limbs. In 2002, I completed an internship in the field of microsurgery under the guidance of Prof. W. Krylov in Moscow at the Russian State Institute for Postgraduate Education.

I moved to Poland in 2003, where I started doctoral studies at the Medical Academy in Gdańsk. I defended the title of doctor of medical sciences in April 2009. The title of my work: “The impact of chemotherapy on cancer due to the biodegradation of silicon organic compounds after breast surgery with endoprosthesis”. I worked in the teams of the Plastic Surgery Clinic in the years 2003 – 2009 and the Clinic of Oncological Surgery UCK in Gdańsk in 2009 – 2015. I am a specialist in the field of general and oncological surgery.

In 2011, I was training at the Breast Cancer Unit in “HELIOS KLINIK”, Bad Saarov in Germany (head of the clinic – MD, Ph.D. M. Budner), whose aim was to adapt and apply global standards for combined breast cancer treatment in Poland.

In the years 2005 – 2010, I worked as a coordinator of the Population Program for Early Breast Cancer Detection in the Pomeranian Province.

I have over 30 publications in national and foreign medical journals. I participated in a number of conferences in the field of topics that interest me. For over 10 years I have been dealing with aesthetic medicine, not only as a doctor, but also as a lecturer. Currently, I conduct numerous trainings for doctors specializing in this field.

I participated in international scientific research: MINDACT – pilot trial (2006), NKIAVL (2006), KU 3613, ICON (2007-2008), PRAME-AS 15-MEL-001 (MET) 11373 – phase I (2011), PRAME-AS 15-MEL-001 – phase II (currently).

I belonged to a team that for the first time in Poland used stem cells in breast reconstruction using the “Cytori” method.

I speak Polish, Russian, English, Belarusian, French and German freely.

I consider the opening of my Clinic to be a FRIENDLY MEDICINE IS THE next stage of my professional career development. The implementation of this project allowed me to create a beloved workplace, which I dreamed about my whole life. I am very happy that I can work according to the principles that my heart tells me. I want to share with my Patients over twenty years of experience, acquired knowledge and skills. Thanks to this initiative, many ambitious doctors will get a decent job. Let this place be an ISLAND of fulfillment of my dreams, friendly to everyone who comes to visit me – as a patient, as a collaborator, as a guest.